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Internet Marketing

If you want fast growth of your online business then Internet Marketing is very useful tool. By internet marketing you can post your products links on many search engines, web directories and other popular websites. Internet Marketing is commonly used to mean marketing your online business or web site over the internet. Your online business can grow fast by Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing is very important for marketing your web site online. It's your plan to market your web site in the most effective way possible to acquire and deliver new customers at the most cost effective rate possible via the Internet. Internet is an interactive medium - that means that what we pay for so dearly in newspapers (and are limited in number releases), on the internet we "pay" only once. After that you can communicate with the users directly: register them, send a newsletter, let him choose frome different options, show them a complete product/service range or price lists, interactive maps, e-shops, games, showroom. Why would we use a newspaper ad when we have the possibility to show them much more?

Buying Web Site Traffic

There are still many free Directories and Search Engines. However, many of the larger, better known search sites are going to some form of a paid model: Pay for Submission, Pay for Inclusion, and Pay for Performance (better know as pay-per-click or "ppc").

With Pay for Submission, you pay the Directory/Search Engine to review your web site. They do not guarantee to include your site. Yahoo, perhaps the best known directory, charges $299.00 to review your commercial site. Once included, you will need to renew your submission annually, paying the then current submission fee, again without any guarantee that your site will be included once reviewed.

Pay Per Performance sites allow you to choose which keywords or phrases will return your URL in search results and, using a bidding process, how much you will pay for each click-through. The different sites have different features. Overture, for example, allows you to set up a maximum monthly cost so that your monthly billing never goes over your budgeted amount. At $0.10, they also have the highest minimum bid rate. Google Adwords is a variation which combines factors such as bid price and popularity to influence results.

Aidingweb ensures that search engines will send relevant traffic - customers - to your web site.

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